Prestige has been a first mover in the mall business, and today the ‘Forum’ is a household name.

Sixteen years since we began, and we have reinvented the way malls are designed. Today, Forum Malls is a space where the modern Indian Consumer’s needs for shopping, fun, recreation, intellectual stimulation and entertainment are met in a single universe. For people who cherish their homes, and excel at the work place – here is the third place; Forum – Where you are ready to experience the different dimensions to life, cultivate new interests, make new friends and shop for a new wardrobe; where fitness, creative exploration, culinary adventures and imaginative journeys await you. At Forum, you are at the epicentre, the most happening place in the city. You are a part of the circle.

And the circle, which is the foundation of the Forum logo, is an invitation to come and experience the third place.

Welcome to Forum, by Prestige

Vibrant, stimulating and inclusive – the Forum is a hub of activity, where the latest talent, the top brands and a range of exciting experiences are ready to stimulate every one of your senses. Come alive in this highly charged, energetic atmosphere, where your interests are cultivated, you gain new confidence in the way you look and feel, and there is entertainment all year round!