Situated in the bustling centre of Brigade Road, Pangeo, an upscale lounge and bar, pledges to immerse its patrons in a realm of refined culinary encounters. This is a place where the art of food and a sense of togetherness meld harmoniously, fashioning an extraordinary destination of unparalleled distinction. Pangeo stands as the pioneer of India's inaugural UB Lounge, a haven tailored for enthusiasts of fine beer who seek both conviviality and extraordinary brews. Within Pangeo's confines, the UB Lounge beckons friends to convene, forge bonds, and relish an exclusive array of meticulously crafted beers from United Breweries. However, Pangeo aspires to offer more than just indulgence in exquisite flavours. It aspires to orchestrate a comprehensive voyage of the senses by introducing two opulent and exclusive lounges, Chivas XV and UB Lounge, making their debut in India.

Block A - Fourth Floor

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