Mia By Tanishq

For the woman of today who is always on the move, Mia- Me In Action. Mia carries the heritage and legacy of Tanishq with a modern twist. Mia, which means “Mine” in Italian, is a line of fine jewellery hand-crafted for anybody wishing to express themself. It is quintessentially unique, timeless and trendy just like you. Whether your style is charmingly minimalist, contemporarily classy or confidently one-of-a-kind, Mia has a piece for you. Just like the simple pleasures of dancing in the rain, walking barefoot on the grass, singing aloud to your favourite tunes or even staying in for some self -care, Mia is for everyone. Rooted in the truth of who Mia is, Mia is your partner in your personal journey of self-discovery and self-expression

Second Floor