Jos Alukkas

A tradition of Fine Jewellery. Mr. Jos Alukka, the chairman of the Jewellery Group, Jos Alukkas, is the man who steered this group to success. Even amidst adversities, his single-minded focus and undeterred determination, helped carve a place for the group in the jewellery industry. Jos Alukka's father, Alukka Vargheseentered the gold business in the year 1964. Jos, being the eldest son, took charge of the business and led the entire team to prosperity.At first, the Group opened its showroom in various cities of Kerala.Under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Jos Alukka, the Jos Alukkas Group opened more than 40 jewellery showrooms all over India. Their unique system of working, foresight and improved method of planning, popularised the brand and paved the way for opening Gold Super Markets. Jos Alukka is the pioneer of this concept in Kerala, and soon many jewellery groups adopted the concept. Adherence to quality and purity made Alukkas Jewellery a household name in gold purchases. Every piece of jewellery at all our showroom is carved out of pure 22-carat gold. Age has not downed the spirits of Mr. Jos Alukka, a man of many business interests and ideas. Jos Alukkas Properties is another project of pride headed by Mr. Alukka, and it has been successfully building dreams for many years now. Beyond business, Jos Alukka is passionate about sports too, and is also actively involved with the cultural and art scene of his hometown, Thrissur.

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