Forum Junior Chef

Forum Junior Chef Champ,an immensely gratifying and enriching experience, unfolded a truly inspiring and remarkable journey with little chefs donning their miniature aprons and chef hats as their eyes sparkled with excitement and anticipation. As the little chefs flaunted their skills at mixing, chopping, and measuring ingredients, their faces lit up while embarked on a culinary adventure, exploring the wonders of the kitchen. The venue filled-up delicious aroma in the air, radiating and beaming smiles were exchanged amidst glancing over what was being prepared at the other tables. A medley of flavours and dreams enhanced as the dough that rose like whispered dreams, the sauces simmering in golden streams. Each recipe was a masterpiece, one beyond comparison. The venue transformed into a magical space where imaginations soared, leaving no trace, Of doubts or limits that once confined.Delighted by the presence of major chef’s from renowned restaurants like Chianti, Magnolia Bakery, You Me, Punjab Grill, Fujian express and from the home ground of culinary skills- IIHM, our junior chef’s left no crumbs as they each surprised the experienced chef’s with their innovative, creative and original dishes.Forum Junior Chef Champ served as an opportunity to encourage and inspire young kids with interest in culinary art. Proudly presenting their culinary creations, young chefs took a breath of relief witnessing the beaming smiles and hearing feedback from the judges. As immensely rewarding as organising Forum Junior Chef Champ was affirmed the significance of providing enriching experiences that foster learning, creativity, and personal development in young minds, it was equally delightful to witness their growth in culinary skills, self-confidence, and teamwork.

8th-10th June 2023