Finding Forever Homes with Forum

The Forum Adoptathon, held concurrently at Forum Kochi and Forum South Bengaluru during 20th to 21st April, epitomized a harmonious blend of compassion and professionalism in the realm of animal welfare. The event served as a platform to advocate for adoption while fostering a culture of responsible pet ownership. With meticulous organization and dedicated volunteer efforts, Forum Adoptathon provided a seamless experience for both potential adopters and rescue animals. Each interaction was infused with warmth and empathy, as attendees embarked on a journey to find their perfect furry companion. Amidst the bustling activity and heartfelt exchanges, the event facilitated countless heartwarming adoptions, offering abandoned animals the chance to find their forever homes. Through collaborative efforts with local animal shelters and adoption agencies, Forum Adoptathon exemplified the power of community-driven initiatives underscoring the profound impact of compassionate actions in transforming the lives of animals and humans alike.

21st April 2024