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ColorBar Cosmetics, founded in 2004, is among the leading brands of color cosmetics in India and is extremely popular among the urban women.

The inspiration behind the brand is a millennium woman who believes in expressing her various moods and desires through a variety of colors she adorns

The brand represents a woman who is independent, intelligent, and vibrant besides being a responsible Diva. colorBar promises to provide its customers the repertoire of makeup which is innovative, classy and world class, covering a wide range of colors with a belief of redefining the chic and sensual woman of today.

It’s our constant endeavour to provide the complete collection of products and accessories (including beauty tools and brushes) to cover various categories like face, eyes, lips, nails and skin to embellish the countless unique moments in a woman’s life. The brand with its innovative and wide range of colors is known for providing a spark of confidence in a woman, helping her set-off in a crowd.

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January 18 - January 31, 2021
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