Floor Plan - Forum Sujana Mall
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Lower Ground FloorX


Phone: 040-30534216/11

Email: baburao.k@abfrladityabirla.com

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Upper Ground FloorX


Phone: 040-30534111

Email: rathish.rajendran@kirtilals.com

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Phone: 040-30534095

Email: mac589.forum.hyderabad@shoppersstop.com

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The Body ShopX

Phone: 040-30534011

Email: 3187@questretail.in

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1st FloorX

Flying MachineX

Phone: 040-30534068

Email: fm.forumhyd@gmail.com

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Phone: 040-30534110

Email: hfm@mochi.in

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Van HeusenX

Phone: 040-30534109

Email: mg.hydvh2294_ro@abfrl.adithyabirla.com

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2nd floorX

Global DesiX

Phone: 040-30534020

Email: andgdforumhyd@houseofanitadongre.com

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Phone: 040-30534421/032

Email: forumsujana.manyavar@gmail.com

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Toni & GuyX

Phone: 040-30534004/5

Email: toniandguy.telangana@gmail.com

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3rd floorX

Cream StoneX

Phone: 9919661100

Email: sunilkumar@sujana.com

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Phone: 9701200997

Email: ap246@mcdonaldsindia.com

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Stick HouseX

Phone: 8106155965

Email: varun@frescoeats.com

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4th floorX

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