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Smoke House Deli

Playing host to its regulars through the years, Smoke House Deli is now well-loved eatery that has created stories both on and within its walls. Now, it’s turning the page to unveil a brand new story that promises even more good times!

Nestled in the garden city at Forum Shantiniketan, Whitefield, SHD’s third outlet in Bengaluru reflects abundance in every corner along with the art of giving more, sharing more and expressing more. Spread across 2500 sq. ft, it is weaved together with open counters, warm, energetic accent colors that contrast with gentle wood tones, and whimsical hand-drawn illustrations on the walls.

Matching the freshness of the garden city, the menu, including a wide variety of new dishes, brims with the goodness of nature! Known for their dedication to obtaining the best produce and meats, they continue to stick to the ethos of ‘green and clean,’ resulting in food that delivers on both flavor and health.

Floor Location

Lower Ground Floor - View on floor plan

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P (store): 080-25018107


Contact Person: Amit

P: (0) 7848083892