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What started as a small business is today a company whose products are distributed in 40 countries all across the world. We’ve grown manifold and are continuously growing even today. All this is thanks to a simple fact: no matter how big we grow, we have stayed committed to our vision. We work with thousands of small farmers in India to cultivate tens of thousands of acres of sustainable, organic farmland. This enables us to bring pure and authentic organic products to the market.

At ORGANIC INDIA we strive to protect the environment and keep users safe from harmful chemicals and other toxins. At the heart of ORGANIC INDIA is our commitment to be a living embodiment of love and consciousness in action. ORGANIC INDIA certified organic products comply with strict international standards and are tested to guarantee that they are free from all toxic chemicals, herbicides and/or pesticides that are harmful to human health, and all of which contaminate the food supply, penetrate water sources, deplete the soil, devastate natural ecosystems and harm livestock.

By choosing ORGANIC INDIA you are actively participating in our mission to create a sustainable global environment.


  • To work at ORGANIC INDIA, it is of essence to understand the meaning of its key operative word. In today’s day ‘organic’ is a much abused word, with people labeling their products organic without the required checks and tests.
  • We at ORGANIC INDIA take the word very seriously and deliver only 100% certified and tested organic products.
  • Here is the key difference in ordinary product and organic products: Organic products are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fumigants. Instead we use bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and fully decomposed khaad.


  • Organic products contains higher level of essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants than conventional farm food grown with the fertilizer.
  • Being high on nutritional levels, organic food is healthier than conventional food stuff.
  • An organic diet excludes toxic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMO) as we don’t use chemical fertilizers and pesticides while growing the crop.
  • Conventional crops have high amount of toxins and thus may create serious health problems.
  • The constant checks made on certified organic products and use of composed manure also reduce the chances of various diseases like cancers, brain damage or infant abnormalities.
  • Heavy metals are under international limits.
  • The empty capsules we use for our supplements are made of plant cellulose (made from pine tree), so it is not harmful for human intake.
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