FUTUREPRENEUR Forum Shantiniketan, Bengaluru
Past Event


February 17, 2019

FUTUREPRENEUR, A future Beyond tomorrow Powered by Stemlabs’s Dice Initiative in collaboration with Forum Shantiniketan Mall.

A Launch Event of the platform for the kids to share and showcase their ideas and talents, so that we could help them realize and live the passion that drives their happiness.

This event provided an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to help, support and learn from each other, while developing skills to start and grow their own ideas and innovations.

An evening at Forum Shantinkiten’s “Incube-Tomorrow” Amphitheatre, was a mix of ideas presentation, Music Performance, Ambition sharing, Mentor Talk, App development for kids, Amazing Scribbles, Kids magazine.

Fusion and western song performance by kids took our breath away. Indianized classical version of blockbuster Believer song proved that India is set to rule the world whether it is business, music or any other field.

A weekend evening was well spent with 100+ kids and parents and learning from their eagerness to do beyond the regular and normal. With Forum Shantinketan Mall’s People connect design and Stemlabs Dice Initiative, such events set a new normal for genz kids and Parents networking, enablement and enrichment.