Past Event

Forum Colorama 2018

November 24, 2018

Every child is an artist said the great artist Pablo Picasso.
Happiness comes from creative efforts. The joy of dreaming and expressing your thoughts via drawing and painting is truly exceptional.

It is known that agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy and we can proudly say that we are the 2nd largest producers of fruits & vegetables globally. Taking this into consideration and to explore the creative potential of our young minds, Forum organized Forum Colorama 2018, a platform for kids to showcase their artistic talent to take on the biggest industry of the nation, i.e. Agriculture in India.

Winners Details
Category Prize Name
A First Akshara
Second Aishani
Third Samarth Raj
B First Sharan B
Second Likita
Third Bhavika
C First Dhanush
Second Collin
Third Sunita
D First Shanthini
Second Mayuri H
Third Disha