Sparkle Car Spa

ABOUT Sparkle Car Spa is ISO 9001-2008 certified offering treatments applied by trained professionals that protects your car from inside and outside, thereby keeping your car in a youthful condition for the years to come.

At Sparkle Car Spa, we believe that every car is like a family member. It was brought into the family at a great expense and has been with us in our journey of life.

We believe that much like you need to go for the occasional pampering treatment at a spa or a parlor, your car does too.

Main Objective of this industry is to offer a better quality service to the customers that visit the car wash. This can be succeeding by giving a least time of car washing, better cleaning interior service, and with reasonable charges. Indirectly, this car wash system can save time, money that they spend and better satisfaction for the customers. As result, the good quality service can make the car owners an option to keep their cars shining.

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