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Rare Rabbit was founded five years ago with one aim in mind: to introduce a new Manner of Dressing up the Rare Gentlemen in India. The brand comes from the experience of two decades of history in designing and manufacturing High Fashion Apparels for the top leading high street brands of Europe.Rare Rabbit is now a pioneer in the smartwear category in India and has grown substantially since its launch.

RR is now considered a Men’s Premium Fashion Brand, and its offerings come as a pleasant surprise as it caters to more than just clothing. In addition to the unique outfits, you will find interactive pieces that have been hand-picked from all over the world- limited Phographic Art from LUMAS – Germany, exceptional eyewear from Garett Leigh – California and Mystic Vintage – Singapore, Ceramic bow ties- Italy, Sculptures by the German conceptual artist OttmarHörl. In addition to all of this, the launch of footwear by the brand will be the finishing touch on the wardrobe of the new age man.

Every RR store is designed to touch upon different sensibilities; from sight to smell, touch, and hearing. According to Manish Poddar, the founder, the objective of the store design is to give the customers an experience of voidness and minimalism with a simple and cold appeal! The centre of attention in every RR store is the clothing. The colour scheme of the store is usually all white with slight hints of black and gold luxe to denote luxury. The focus on the clothing is accentuated by the awe inspiring ceiling lights that are in fact, New York skyscrapers reimagined upside down.

Touch Hear Smell See(THSS) is the core message behind the Store Design Concept – while the collection and the store relate to the vision( SEE) , chosen fabrics and their textures from India and Italy gives the luxury feel ( TOUCH ) and the combination of the self – curated fragrance ( SMELL )and music compilation ( HEAR ) playing in the store brings the mind to the sense of sophisticated calmness required for the shopping experience . All in all the store’s ambience is like that of an art gallery where the products are the focus.

RR prides itself on being able to address the issue of not being judged by the brand one wears. Coming from the philosophy that the clothing is just an extension of one’s personality which should not be overtaken by the brand’s visibility, RR deviates from the norm of branding its products in an upfront and outright manner. The logo may be found in the unlikeliest of places and is often a pleasant surprise for the wearer. The quality of the PIMA Knit line, the bold colour palettes, delicate prints, and incomparable fits combine to form an immensely diverse collection of clothing for the urban man of today.

RR’s promise of quality and the ideology that the outfit is for the wearer first is made even more desirable by their market positioning as a brand that is affordable for different segments. With the overwhelming success of Rare Rabbit, House of Rare is now extending its confidence to a women’s line- Rareism – an independent store roll out with similar sensibilities for women, just like their RARE MEN!

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