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Where nature calls home, We do too

The Start Of A New Story

For a first-time traveller to Kerala, it is easy, almost too obvious, why the place is called God’s Own Country. As your plane gets ready to touch down at Cochin International Airport, coconut trees line the far fringes of the runway.

Wherever you look, Green has taken over. If you happen to be on a summer retreat, only the breeze from the seas can keep you cool as your body detoxes diligently. Come monsoon, and the full glory of the swelling rivers and backwaters takes you by sheer surprise. If there ever was such a thing as infinite abundance, it exists in Kerala. With a rich legacy of over eight malls in six cities, The Forum Mall is excited to present a premium offering in Kochi, Kerala.

Welcome to a new story. Welcome to The Forum Mall, Kochi

About Kochi

It is not uncommon, on Kochi streets, to see a BMW gliding by on curved roads. As a city blessed with natural resources, and connected to the world of business by seaports, the growth story of Kochi was written long before it actually began.

Kochi is a prime hub for exporting both rubber and spices, both of which have immense demand in international markets. Several of Kochi’s residents have also emigrated to the Middle East for even better work opportunities, and they send back a portion of their earnings back to Kerala consistently.

Then, there’s also the fact that the Kerala Government is actively pushing for the development of IT/ ITeS hubs in order to provide more future-forward job opportunities. As a result, the Kochi resident has evolved tastes that could compete quite easily with their counterparts in Chennai and Bangalore.


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647,000 sqft

Retail space of endless possibilities

The Atmosphere


With The Forum Mall at Kochi, we want to set new standards for what is possible in a mall. Open spaces, modern amenities, a vibrant atmosphere and digital assets are just the beginning of the story.

We take the heritage of Kerala very seriously. The Forum Mall at Kochi is done up in hues of green and gold- two of Kochi’s favourite things to experience. Shades of muted gold blend in seamlessly with vibrant green. The front facade is reminiscent of the curves of a houseboat, shaped in the hands of a skilled artisan. Vibrant hues pop up when you least expect them to- we do love our colours, after all!

The Story of Luxury


Kochi is one of India’s strongest markets for luxury cars. Tourism and its associated services give the growing city an unparalleled space in the international market. Premium retail is the next big growth opportunity.

We want to offer the consumers of Kochi a chance to experience the mall of the world. A space where macarons sell like hot cakes, where premium brands coexist, and where shopping is more than just a day out. As we turn a visit to the mall into an experience, we are keen to partner with your premium brand to achieve this vision together.

Prestige Falcon Tower.

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Head Office

V. Muhammad Ali – COO

Siddik Fruitwala – AGM

Fayaz M. H. – AGM