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Lower Ground FloorX
Ground Floor  X

Ganesh Mehandi ArtX

Phone: 7891060222

Email: ganeshmehandiart2005@gmail.com

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Phone: 0294 3041396

Email: 4447@bagzone.in

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Phone: 0294 3041406

Email: wrangler.celebration@mardaretail.com

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1st FloorX


Phone: 9145952896

Email: grishtiretail@gmail.com

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Reliance FootprintsX

Phone: 0294 3041356

Email: footprint_rj.8257_@zmail.ril.com

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2nd FloorX


Phone: 0294 3041387

Email: kapkids.udaipur@kapsonsglobal.com

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Phone: 0294 3041405

Email: Store.udaipur@voylla.com

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3rd FloorX

Heels & HandlesX

Phone: 9772500143

Email: girrajgurjar18@yahoo.in

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OMG Accessories and FragranceX

Phone: 8233009283

Email: chotudada1992@gmail.com

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4th FloorX
5th FloorX

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