Past Event

Purple Run Fitness Challenge

August 25, 2018

One of the motto of Purple Run is to make Fitness an everyday affair too. Along with the awareness of Alzheimer’s we would like to bring the fitness routine into daily lives of our shoppers. Keeping this in the front end, Forum Celebration Mall organized its 1st Fitness Challenge on 25th Aug 2018. In association with Healthline Fitness Studio and SADA dance academy the event saw active participation from the shoppers of Forum Celebration Mall. The shoppers took the following challenges put up by trainers from Healthline Fitness studio:

• Squat Challenge

• Pushup challenge

• Battle Rope Challenge

• Tire Flip Challenge

• Cone Stacking challenge and many more

The fitness of all the challengers was tested and awarded with exciting Gift vouchers. Not only this team from SADA dance academy performed Zumba workout and showed that fitness can be achieved via exciting exercises and dance moves.