Past Event

Forum Junior Chef Champ-2019

June 22 - June 23, 2019

Junior Chef Champ is a platform for little kids who are passionate about cooking. The Grand event took place across 8 malls and 6 cities. Over 2000 kids participated and had prepared amazingly creative dishes in 2 sets of rounds. In Udaipur more than 100 kids participated in 2 different age categories. 20 participants were selected for the Grand Finale and Winners were awarded with Prizes and Trophies for each category. Here’s a sneak peek into the contest!

Winners Details
Category Prize Name
7 to 10 years Winner Agatha Agarwal
Runner up Vanya Mathur
2nd Runner up Prisha Mogra
11 to 15 years Winner Jyestha Vaishnav
Runner up Sparsh Jain
2nd Runner up Nandini Manwani