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What is a New Year without fashion and some lights?

January 3, 2020

2020 is not only a New Year but it’s the beginning of a new decade! We believe you are ready to take on the resolutions, work towards a new set of goals and the list goes on. We are revving up for the New Year, the new decade and our plans are all for you! Get ready to splurge and up your fashion game this glorious New Year with the greatest sale of this season. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe by adding a little oomph to your style. 

Forum Vijaya Mall is taking your shopping experience up a notch by giving the budding crop of talent the chance to showcase their work. Small, independent fashion designers have been popping up with a focus on sustainable materials, thoughtful design and the celebration of creativity. With a diverse collection of quirky fashion, delicious food along with lifestyle and home decor the flea market has something for everything. Add more colours to go with all your moods, styles that define you and turn heads at every occasion, from your workplace to that late-night party. 

Leave it to us to dazzle you with an array of opportunities, because at Forum Vijaya Mall – there’s something for everyone. It isn’t a shopping destination, but one of Chennai’s most sought after places to hang out with your family and friends, especially during festivals. For this festive month, we, at Forum, had exclusively curated events, sales, concerts, and carnivals, particularly the family Christmas Bazaar and shopping festival contest. 

The tall Christmas tree and the mesmerising decor became the talk of the town. 

The celebrations at Forum have only begun. After a sensational turnout during Christmas week, we decided to keep the party going. This new year, we will ensure that you are ready to shine brighter than ever. 

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