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Forum Colorama- An Evening of Art for a Sustainable World

December 19, 2019

For several years, our choices have affected the world we live in, from our household purchases to our carbon footprint. With the rise in air pollution, waste disposal and water pollution, the environment has been gravely damaged. It is time to take responsibility and fight together for a better future. Sustainability is a viable solution – the measured and steady way of approaching our current circumstances without compromising on the availability of resources for future generations. 

This year, Forum Mall adopted the theme ‘Sustainability’, to encourage children to think earnestly about conservation of the environment and express their thoughts through paintings, which would inspire people in different cities to take a step in their everyday lives to protect the environment. Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai, conducted the Colorama painting competition on November 24, 2019, for children of different age groups between the age of 4 – 16 years; for they are the representatives of our future as leaders, decision-makers, and implementers. 

It was an unprecedented opportunity for children to represent their ideas creatively and colourfully on a canvas which can be effective environmentally friendly methods. This year, the competition had different age categories for participants to register, both online and offline until the day of the event. Colorama 2019 saw a massive turnout of approximately 10,000 kids while the participants were eligible to win exciting prizes worth INR 4,00,000 across all 8 Forum Malls.

Held across 8 Forum Malls in different cities, children from diverse neighbourhoods turned up for Colorama 2019 with great enthusiasm and excitement to exhibit their ideas of sustainability. 

  • Forum Shantiniketan, Bengaluru 
  • Forum Koramangala Mall, Bengaluru 
  • Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai 
  • Forum Fiza Mall, Mangalore 
  • Forum Sujana Mall, Hyderabad 
  • Forum Centre City, Mysore 
  • Forum Neighbourhood Mall, Bengaluru 
  • Forum Celebration Mall, Udaipur 

Forum Vijaya Mall saw a wonderful evening filled with colours, laughter, and exceptional approaches to sustainability. This event didn’t only bring families together but brought the communities and friends together at large to partake in a noble cause. We look forward to doing this again next year, with another bunch of keen young artists with inspiring ideas and more fun. Until then, happy shopping at Forum Vijaya Mall!