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October 17, 2019

Our everyday life revolves around sustainability. In fact, it is present in all aspects of our day to day activities. We ensure a sustainable living by taking care of our surroundings, defending social well-being and balancing economic development.


From a topical point of view, sustainability has a long history. Consistently we settle on decisions in our lives that affect the environment, other living species, and the climate. From what we eat to how many kids we choose to have, there’s a great deal we can do to lessen our environmental footprint. In this blog, we will educate you to live more sustainably with little to no effort. 

Go plastic-free: They never go away. Every year, thousands of marine animals are killed either by getting tangled in it or by ingesting.

Wisely use water: Water levels are critical in every part of the country. It’s high time that we take water conservation seriously. Take shorter showers, fix leaking toilets, and rainwater harvesting are some easy solutions. 

Switch to green mobility: Changing your mode of transport can bring a significant impact by dramatically reducing carbon footprint. Take a bike, carpool, walk or take public transportation whenever possible. 

Embrace green living: Just by keeping your car in the best shape possible, you can improve fuel efficiency as well as reduce the carbon footprint. Similarly, incorporating adequate insulation, energy-saving lightbulbs and solar panels at your home saves a lot of energy. 

Youngsters are our future – some time or another they will be the educators, decision-makers, and perhaps even policymakers. What we are training them today is going to influence their life’s decisions in the coming years. So, we have to concentrate on setting them up for the changing scene and condition. Encouraging our youngsters about sustainability will offer them the chance to assume liability for their activities, plans for the future, and to maintain a healthier planet.


The creative section of the society is playing an undeniably unique role in raising, the consciousness of environmental change and empowering sustainable social, economic and ecological practices around the world in the form of art. We believe that children are not far behind in doing their bit. The rising number of children’s participation in art competitions is a testament to their commitment to sustainable living. Hence, Forum Vijaya Mall kept “What does a greener planet mean to your future” as the theme for this year’s Colorama painting competition. This event will be a rare opportunity for the kids to express their ideas of sustainability in the form of art and creativity. We are glad to invite the stars of tomorrow to this competition! Register your kid now: