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How to stay fit before the big run?

September 24, 2019

Jogging or running is a personal choice that people make to stay fit, it is effective in increasing the human lifespan, decreasing the effects of aging with benefits for the cardiovascular system. But, sometimes people get nervous or even confused as to how they can stay fit before the big run? Here are 5 tried, true, and tested pre-race strategies longtime runners swear by.

1.Physical training:

It’s important to remember that our bodies function differently and grow at a different pace. It’s key that you start slow, but stay consistent in the training sessions. Introduce steady intervals between each practice session to avoid ligament tears, muscle spasms and to avoid exhaustion. Obtaining the correct gear and shoes also play a crucial role, as they determine the amount of pressure your body can withstand. Maintaining a training log helps keep track of your progress and determine if scaling up is required. Follow these small tips to make sure you’re physically prepared before the run.

2. Mental preparation:

Physical preparation is nothing if you aren’t mentally prepared. Having the right mindset is very essential as it could hinder your run and lower down the stamina. Negative and overwhelming thoughts before the run, personal distractions are a few causes that slow down the process. Staying hydrated, visualizing the run and your entire routine for that, can help you be mentally prepared.


3.Elevating the sleep pattern:

Pre-marathon insomnia is pretty common even amongst experienced runners. It is very crucial to get the right amount of sleep in the preceding week before the run. Avoid mid-day naps, working late hours and even consuming your last meal post 8 PM as it takes a minimum of 2 hours of the food to digest. Listen to soothing music, stick to your sleep schedule, waking up early, and meditation are a few things you could try to elevate your sleep schedule.

4. Eat well and stay hydrated:

One of the biggest tricks is to fuel your body the right way. The amount and type of food consumed during the last few days before the run has a big impact as it’s the only fuel your body would receive. Eating a good amount of healthy carbs like wheat grain bread, sweet potatoes, bananas. Make sure to drink plenty of liquids all day long, especially electrolyte fluids such as Gatorade. Don’t experiment with anything new and avoid heavy meals as they tend to make you feel bloated.

5. Organize everything you would need for the run the previous night: 

It’s crucial to keep all things necessary for the run arranged to avoid last minute hassle, which would increase your stress before the run. Be it the tracksuit, bib, jogging shoes, any kind of electronic. Being organized can also give a hint of relaxation and a sense of eagerness for the run. You could also prepare the ingredients required for your breakfast.


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