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5 Easy-To-Implement Cooking Tips For Beginners

June 17, 2019

Are you under the impression of cooking being complicated? Would you like to slowly enter the delicious world of mastery in cooking? Here are 5 tips for beginners in cooking that will help you to enjoy every single second spent in your kitchen, whipping up culinary delights. Read more to know more.

1. Prepare ahead of time

Even top chefs know that good preparation is half the work done. The way your kitchen is organised and how your ingredients are laid out are very important as they can help you get your timing right. Before you start any recipe, ensure you keep out all your ingredients in the right quantities. This can prevent you from scrambling to chop up your vegetables at the last minute! Preparing and organising ahead of time will also boost your motivation allowing you to enjoy the process.

2. Cleaning while cooking

The idea of a mountain of dirty utensils can intimidate a cooking novice from embarking on a new recipe. When you are making a meal, try cleaning up as you go. This way,  it will not get overwhelming and you can stay focused and calm. A little kitchen cloth and a dustbin nearby will do the trick! As mentioned earlier, a clean space is key to enjoying what you do. And the best part is, you are left with little to nothing to clean up after you are done with the cooking!

3. Don’t be afraid of spices

A little spice is always appreciated in any dishes as it adds up flavour and aroma. To instantly add a twist to your dishes, try out new herbs and spices, beyond the basic ones that you always use. When it comes to spice, some first-time cooks can be hesitant to add chillies. For beginners in cooking, a great tip is to control spice/heat is by removing the seeds from the chillies! Doing this will also help to soften the texture and reduce the pungency.

4. Never overcook vegetables

Another important tip when it comes to cooking vegetables is to cook them just the right amount. We all know that different vegetables contain different nutritional properties but overcooking them can lead to the loss of many of these essential nutrients. In addition to that, overcooking vegetables can cause them to lose their flavour and texture.  Mild steaming and quick stirring will give the best results. Also, add your vegetables according to how long they take to cook. For example, potatoes will go in first because they take a long time to cook, while carrots will go in later because they take less time.

5. Always cook on a low flame

One of the major rules in cooking is to cook food on low heat as this has various advantages. Slow cooking helps in retaining vitamins and minerals and can also intensify the taste of your dish. For good cooking, it is important that heat spreads evenly to all parts and cooking on low heat helps in achieving it. Cook on a high flame can char the surface of your ingredients while leaving them raw on the inside.


Hopefully, these simple tips were useful to you and inspired you or your loved ones to get into cooking. Cooking is an essential life skill every child should start learning. Encourage your kids to participate in the Forum Junior Chef Champ event happening in Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai on June 22nd, 2019.