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Wedding Fashion Trends of 2019!

June 17, 2019

If 2018 taught us anything, it’s that bigger is definitely better. While most Indian weddings meet that mandate, last year has given us even more over the top weddings à la the Deepika-Ranveer, Priyanka-Nick and Ambani-Piramal weddings. Exotic locales, personalised details and the grandest of outfits – all created the road map for 2019. Things are only going to get larger-than-life from here on out. So let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest wedding fashion trends!


Unique hues

Set aside your standard bridal wear colours like reds, greens, whites and maroons this year. Wedding fashion trends of 2019 dictate brides and grooms to opt for bridal outfits in unique hues. Take for instance this rich and decadent indigo outfit from Manyavar.

If you still want to stay true to tradition, then look for different shades in the colour of your choice. If you plan on adorning yourself with a rich red lehenga, look for an orange-toned red or a deeper, richer red instead. Take a look at this stunning ensemble from Nalli.

Brides looking for green can try a gorgeous shade of bottle green, a current favourite among designers this season; and those donning a white gown can opt for shades of cream or ivory.


Mix and match jewelry

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. And if a bride’s wedding dress is the most important outfit of her life, then her jewellery is the crown jewel. Moreover, wedding fashion trends for 2019 will see maximalist styles returning in a big way.

Fashion gurus advice mixing and matching heavier neckpieces with smaller ones in bright hues. Combining diamonds with other precious stones and finishing off the look with some elegant pearls are must-haves for your bridal trousseau.


Lifting the veil

The veil is an integral part of any bridal outfit across the world. This swathe of fabric gives your bridal outfit a final flourish and is a massive part of many religious ceremonies. Keeping in line with wedding fashion trends of 2019, try a translucent or sheer veil with minimal work and a heavy border like this classy and elegant sheer turquoise veil from RmKV.

This will let your makeup, jewellery and hairdo shine through without covering you up. You could opt for a contrasting colour or keep the veil in the same colour family as your bridal ensemble, but choose a lighter or darker hue for more impact.


Go Indo-Western

Weddings today are all about personalisation and this extends to guests as well! Celebrate your loved one’s big day by creating a one-of-a-kind look for yourself. An easy way to do this is by trying an Indo-western wedding look! Pair a crisp white shirt with a beautiful flowing lehenga and finish the look off with some traditional accessories.

This wedding fashion trend of 2019 is perfect for guests who are edgy and like to break away from the norm. This sublime pink lehenga from Kalanikethan is perfect for a fun summer wedding or even as a reception outfit.


With so many gorgeous wedding fashion trends to choose from, your wedding day is sure to be the biggest event of your life. To get your hands on some of these outfits, head over to the Forum Vijaya Mall and take your pick from some of the best brands in Indian and global fashion! Here’s a quick list of some of the top stores you can check out for your bridal shopping! You can also check out our blog on wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom!