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Styling Tips for Men!

November 16, 2017

As annoying as it may be, the way you look creates a huge first impression. You could be a walking success story making his way to the bank to cash in on some profit, but the minute people see your stained clothes and wacky beard, they think otherwise and give you weird looks. To avoid such situations, keep in mind the following tips to up your style and grooming game-

Formals and Office Wear-

When it comes to formal clothes, get yourself a nice dark suit and two good white shirts. Make sure they fit you right; the wrong size equals a bad look. Make sure that your suit is either black, a good shade of grey or navy blue. You can get the best suits at Louis Philippe, Raymond and Van Heusen. For office wear, get some plain coloured shirts and a few sets of trousers and chinos. Try to get the pants and chinos in decent shades of beige or dark blue to be safe. Arrow, Allen Solly, Basics Life and French Connection are your best bets for office wear.


For casuals, have a good set of polos and tees in plain colours. Go for patterns if you’re sure you can rock them. Get jeans in various shades of blue and black and match them to your shirts accordingly. Don’t wear t-shirts with graphics too much when you’re going out. Try to use solid colour tees more often. Do not wear shorts unless it’s really necessary. Wear shorts if you’re going to the beach or doing some sort of physical activity like going to the gym. Grab your casuals at Flying Machine, Color Plus, Nautica, Lee, Levi’s, Indian Terrain and Wrangler.


Get a good pair of leather shoes for the office and formal events. Make sure that these shoes are either brown or black. The best places to get these shoes are Bata or Clarks, Get a few good pairs of socks as well. Keep your running shoes for your next run or a gym workout. You can get your workout shoes at Nike and Reebok. Do not use them as party shoes; use suede shoes from Vans instead. Keep sandals and slippers for when you’re making an informal visit or if you’re going to stay at home.


Don’t wear too much jewellery. Wear maybe one of each kind of ornament. Choose between gold and silver. Don’t mix both. For sunglasses, head to Sunglass Hut. Choose a good pair of sunglasses that will suit your face type- Wayfarers are your safest bet. Get a good cap or hat that is functional and adds to your attractiveness quotient. Always keep a handkerchief with you wherever you are. Don’t forget to get a good watch as well. Get your watch at Tissot, Rado and Casio.


This part is as important as your clothes and shoes. Here, personal hygiene plays a major role. Use only a little product in your hair for when you’re styling it. Keep going for regular haircuts and get a hairstyle that will suit your face type. Shave your beard regularly or trim it in a way that it doesn’t look like you’re letting it run wild. If you want a good haircut and trim, head to Toni & Guy. Don’t wear large amounts of cologne or deodorant, put just enough to make you smell good. Try to use some good skin care products as well. You can get good hair care and skin care products at Health and Glow or Body Shop.

Winter is coming and with it, Christmas and the New Year. Head to Forum Sujana Mall and ring in the holidays with your new look!