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Beginner’s Guide for Marathon Training

September 15, 2017

So you have decided to run your first marathon. What next? Well, before you lay out your active wear and set your alarm to the early hours of the morning, there is some groundwork you need to do. Running a marathon is not easy but the feeling of completing one is ecstatic. Read on for a few tips on how to run your first marathon and ace it like a pro!

Start slow

As the saying goes, practice leads to perfection. Since running a marathon is more of a personal challenge than a competition, plan your training well in advance. Make sure you start early. It is a good idea to begin your training a well six to eight months in advance but you can also opt for a quick 12 weeks training if you are willing to religiously stick to it. You cannot become a professional runner overnight. Start with a few short runs and gradually increase your distance. However, do not forget to time yourself so you can record your progress.

Prepare for it

As you train for your first marathon, it is also important to prep your wardrobe for the big day. Invest in some good active wear and a good pair of running shoes to help you with your running. For some trendy running gear, head out to Adidas, Reebok, Nike or Puma and choose from a wide variety of stylish and quirky t-shirts, pants and shoes.

Add variety to your training

Training for a marathon is not all about running. You need to add in a bit of cross-training and some aerobics to increase your stamina and get fit. Doing non-running activities and light weights will help in building up muscle tone and sculpt your body for the long distance of running on the day of the marathon. If aerobics is not your thing, you can try some cycling and swimming too.

Join a training group

Training with fellow runners who have the same motive as you will help you remain motivated and focused. Join a training group and discuss workouts with your fellow runners. This way you can even share fitness tips and suggestions to up your running game.

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