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7 Robotics Gadgets to develop the engineering passion in your kids!

June 30, 2017

In this fast-paced world, everybody out there is looking for shortcuts or a way out of their tiresome schedule. With robotics on the rise, life has become much easier and fascinating as all our distant unbelievable dreams are being turned into action plans for execution. The impact robotics has had on children is just inexplicable. From moulding their thinking ability to guiding their imagination, gadgets and robotics have predominantly governed their lifestyles, acting as a boon to shape their career perspectives.

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CUBELETS:  Cubelets are the ultimate brick based construction systems giving your favourite toy life and bringing them into motion. This gadget brings out the innovator in kids. They can build their robots, discovering the Engineer within them. These Cubelets come with advanced technology that is sure to leave you baffled as it routes power automatically and even data where needed, giving your child all the freedom to explore and tap their creative potential to its best possible capacity.

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OZOBOT: If logical thinking and coding are what you’re looking at for your child’s all round growth, this is the perfect gadget for your kid. Ozobot can be programmed in such a way that it remembers and even plays back up to 500 moves to create one of a kind routine!

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JD HUMANOID: JD Humanoid is a highly educative robot with 16 motorised joints. Work, dance, spin, you name it, and it can do it all! This helps build ones visual and vocal recognition to track glyphs, QR, motion, codes and more.

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CIRCUIT MAZE: Real electrical currents and circuit logic are the core of this informative gadget.  This educative game is a MUST for those looking at a science career as it hampers the necessary skills involved in being the best engineer.


LEGO CREATOR THUNDER WINGS: With this amazing gadget of LEGO, your kids can now build their airplane and car. This robot comes with dual antenna and poseable limbs for the most realistic experience!

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MBOT ROBOT KIT: Programming, Arduino and robotics; all in one kit! The modular design of MBot Kit makes it even easier for the kids to construct and assemble it. You can drag the pattern to design the program without the need of coding.

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ROBOBLOCK: Rudimentary robotics at its best, wherein the kid can shape the robot according to his wish because of its sensor modules which can recognise the circumstances. Thus, improvising and elaborating one’s skill set.

Robotics gives an edge to the youth of tomorrow to build, shape and construct today’s dreams, convert them into a reality and pave the way for a successful career path! Head out to Forum Neighbourhood Mall today and introduce your kids to Robotics at Crossword.  Get ready to discover unlimited possibilities with robotics in association with QTPI this Saturday at Forum Neighbourhood Mall.