Inspired by the unmatched success of The Forum mall, the Prestige Group is redefining the concept of shopping in malls by taking the ‘Forum’ brand forward to several cities across South India.

Over the last decade, the Prestige Group has firmly established itself as one of the leading and most successful developers of real estate in India by imprinting its indelible mark across all asset classes. Founded in 1986, the Company has diversified over time into a number of services. Now, with over 150 landmark developments across the city, the Company has extended its expertise to major cities across South India including Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mysuru, Mangaluru and Goa. Each city is provided with an unparalleled experience, with landmark malls on the lines of ‘The Forum’, large townships, tech parks, hotels, luxury villas, and SEZs.

The Prestige Group today has become a name that is synonymous with innovation. The Company has pioneered many landmark developments and introduced many firsts to South India.

Six more Forum malls are currently under construction across Bengaluru, Mysuru and Kochi, covering another 3 million sft of retail space. The Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai’s largest mall was unveiled in 2013. The company inaugurated the Forum Fiza mall in Mangaluru and the Forum Sujana mall in Hyderabad in 2014. In addition, the popularity of Forum Neighbourhood Mall, the only outlet mall in South India now known as the First Neighbourhood Mall, has encouraged the company to develop more malls along the same lines.

Coming Soon to Prestige Shantiniketan, Whitefield
The idea today is to engage with local communities around the mall in an immersive kind of way – through activity centres where people could meet, share experiences and interact with each other.