6,00,000 sqft

of retail space housing the best brands of Bangalore offering you a one stop destination for all your needs.


Stores to knock your socks off.

A mall is too small for an idea this big

Presenting our most ambitious mall as yet.

Brought to you by Prestige Group.

Prestige is South India’s biggest real estate developer. Standing at over 191 completed projects, spanning over an area of over 64 million square feet, the group has 65 more projects in the pipeline. Prestige group is known for excellence in residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail projects, and is only looking ahead.

What is Forum Shantiniketan all about?

People today look for more unique outlets, to spend their energy, their time, and their money. Malls are becoming more and more faceless and impersonal. Street shopping is humdrum. The city, with its crowds, is a lonely place. Forum Shantiniketan gets people face-to-face, to meet, interact, share experiences, compete in the same contests, channelize their dreams, maybe even their cooking skills, brainstorm together over start-up ideas, discuss the latest news, watch a play, or just work on their fitness.

The community in fact has been waiting.
  • The target is a vibrant community comprising:
  • 15-20 year olds looking for a place to express themselves and have fun.
  • 25-30 year-olds who are looking for premium products and experiences to fit their ambitions.
  • 30-55 year-old shopping enthusiasts looking for quality family time, play grounds and places for creative expression.
  • 55 and above, looking for places to shop, and a platform to enjoy cross generational exchanges and connections.
Whitefield, here we come.

Whitefield is one of Bengaluru’s most known localities. It is known as the prime IT hub of the city and is home to a huge population of quite affluent families (about 30%) with minimum earnings of a lakh and above, a month.  And let’s not forget, the vibrant expat community here. Forum Shantiniketan is part of the sprawling 105 acre Prestige Shantiniketan, which is home to 50 offices with an employee strength of 40,000,  besides the huge residential community of over 1000 apartments occupied by around 3000 potential customers.

A shopping experience that goes beyond just shopping

Forum Shantiniketan will offer back-to back competitions, sales, offers, reward point programs (each boosted by a vibrant communication campaign) to reach out to target consumers and to keep those footfalls coming in.

Engaging and retaining those who enter

Mall visionaries have realised that the more engaging the experiences, the more time spent at the mall. With this in mind, we have visualised large spaces to be used as mind-maps – areas for technology-maniacs, areas for kids, areas for shopaholics, areas for sitting down with a brew. Areas people would not want to leave in a hurry, not even just to get home.

Experiences at Forum Shantiniketan.
  • Larger than life experiences. As you shop.
  • The Town Square – A central meeting point
  • Hot-Desking – New-age style workspaces for the global professional
  • Events – For higher engagement
  • Pop-Ups – For the feeling of something new
  • Installations – For exposure to art and culture
  • 100 + stores
  • 20+ F&B experiences
  • 600 seater food court
  • 10 screen multiplex
  • 272 seat auditorium
  • Hypermarket,
  • Department Store
  • FEC Sports Arena
  • Performance Theatre
  • Art Galleries
  • Co Working Spaces
  • British Libraries
  • Bar Camps
  • Geeks Corner
  • And more.
“Architecture: Opening the roof, inviting the trees in”

Our design plan brings in the outdoors. We’re looking at a wide open canvas, beyond the four walls of mall design. We bring our clientele more sky, more sun, more breathing space. Scattered among these are our experience areas – featuring spaces for probably a TED talk, contests, stand-up comedy, magic shows – just about anything.

More than a mall.

A 3 storey microbrewery that can be viewed from anywhere in the mall for that touch of the International. A amphitheatre that attracts young and old alike with screenings and performances. Co-working space to answer the need for flexible work spaces. Broadcast walls for interesting imagery and arts and news.

Zones for the young

Our plans here include activity sessions for young minds, and even summer programs for young kids and teenagers. We are also looking at volunteer opportunities where young people can manage some of these workshops and sessions as self-run projects designed and enabled by them.A model space for our partners

Our driving force is our team of store partners. And therefore, we bring to you a holistic plan where each store, or outlet becomes an immersive and seamless inclusion within our community framework.

We see partners, not tenants

All along, we have evolved a clear value proposition for our brand partners, based on consumer insights, local dynamics and relevant people traffic analysis – keeping in mind shoppers from the office-and residential blocks of Shantiniketan, and external catchment areas identified by us. We also want to share our short term and long term goals for the mall in terms of launch, growth, consolidation and the kind of support you can expect in your category area.

Getting you the customers

The tenant mix and zoning logic that we have in mind will give you the kind of footprint for your store, with a location advantage. In a project of this size, it is important that your customers know where you are located, and how to get there – calling for direction signs, maps, and navigation guidance to bring people right up to your swing doors. Among the ideas we’re exploring is a way where customers can actually browse store interiors on their smart phones to check out the latest

on products, range, promotions and offers – there’s no online sale here, but preview interest that draws people to your store. We will constantly attempt to understand what the shopper has in mind in terms of product, need, access and frequency of store visits.

And getting you the right customers

As you’ve probably seen by now, there are two aspects to visitor traffic – adequate footfalls, and the right kind of footfalls – achieved through the planning and operational investments. A customer reaching your store is one thing, making a purchase is something else – we will work closely with you to optimize this experience.

Welcome to the future of “the more than- just a mall”

Much of our effort has to do with graduating from current mall management practices which do not go beyond tenant mix, retailer economics and mall upkeep. Our planning extends into materials used, client psychographics, shopper trends, communication strategies. We need to ensure that people spend more time at the mall, and hopefully spend more money as well. We will constantly review our own commercial planning, operational efficiency, management and maintenance of individual mall elements and assets and the interactions of these assets with prospective customers.

In a nutshell – we hope to design a space not just for the betterment of our customers, but for our partners, as well.

Floor Plan

Lower Ground Floor

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor


Forum Shantiniketan
Whitefield Main Road
Hoodi, Bengaluru – 560048

Head Office
Prestige Estates Projects Ltd.
Prestige Posiedon,
39, Residency Road
Bangalore 560025


V. Muhammad Ali – COO

Manoj Singh – GM, Operations

Pallavi Jayprakash – GM, Leasing

Ashwini Nithyanandam – Sr. AGM, Marketing

Jinu Unnithan – Sr. Manager Marketing

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